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Renew a datastore license

Renew the license for a datastore if it has expired or is about to expire.
  1. From the Start Menu, click All Programs > Aconex > Local Copy > Local Copy Manager.

  2. Click View Jobs.

  3. If the license is:
    • still current:

      1. Click the Options icon, which is a down arrow, and click License Information.
      2. Click the Renew License Now button.
    • expired, click the Options icon, and click Renew License.

Clicking for license information

If you need to, you can change the licensed user for the datastore when you're renewing the license.

  1. Click the Browse button and browse to the location where you stored the new license file for this datastore. The path for the license file appears in the License File field.

  2. Enter the key for this datastore in the License Key field.

The License Key must be the one provided by Aconex for the License File you selected in the previous step.

  1. Click the Update License Information button.

  2. Click the OK button in the confirmation message. The datastore status is set to Updating, and Local Copy updates the datastore immediately.


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