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Understanding job statuses

Can you access a datastore? That depends on its status.

The job status tells you the current state of the job.

Depending upon the job's state, a datastore may not be available for access by users. For some statuses, the job may not be shown in the datastore list in Local Copy Viewer.

StatusIs displayed when...Is user access available?
ScheduledA new job that's waiting for its first scheduled run.No
UpdatingThe job is retrieving the latest mail and document records on the project from the Aconex server. This includes any previously retrieved items which have been updated. Note:The datastore is listed in Local Copy Viewer while it’s in this state, but users can’t access it until the update is complete.No
AvailableThe datastore is listed in the Local Copy Viewer, and is available for access.Yes
PausedThe job is paused and will not update at the next scheduled time until it is resumed.No
PausingThe job is pausing and will shortly enter the paused state.No
ResumingThe job is resuming and returning to its previous state. Note that if the previous state was Updating, the update process continues; it doesn’t wait until next scheduled time to complete.No
AvailableWithErrorsThis status indicates that some mail or document records couldn’t be downloaded successfully. Users can open the datastore in the Local Copy Viewer, but some items may not be available. The number of errors is less than the Error Tolerance value set for the job. Contact the Aconex Helpdesk for assistance. You’ll need to send the exception report to the Helpdesk.Yes
AvailableWithRollbackThis status indicates that the last update has failed and the latest data can’t be displayed, so the datastore has been rolled back to the last successful update. This can occur when the number of errors and/or warnings exceeds the Error Tolerance value set for the job. Contact Aconex Helpdesk for assistance. You’ll need to email the exception report to the Helpdesk.Yes
ErrorThis status indicates that an error has occurred that prevents Local Copy successfully completing the first scheduled update for a new job.No

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