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Work with mail in Local Copy

Access project Mail using Local Copy.

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Find and view the mail you need

  1. Open the Aconex Local Copy Viewer and open your datastore.
  2. Click the View Mail button.
  1. To see:

    • received mail, click the Inbox tab.

    • sent mail, click the Sent tab.
  1. To search for mail:

    • Enter your search criteria.

    • Click the Search button.

  1. To view a project mail, click the link to it in the Subject column.

  2. To view another mail in the thread, click the mail number in the Mail No column.

Download mail attachments

To download a single attachment:

  1. Click the File icon.
  2. Click the Save File button.

To download all mail attachments as a zip file:

  1. Click the Zip Downloads button.
  2. Click the Save File button.

To print the mail in letter mode, click the Print Mail button.

To print the mail in screen mode, click the Print Screen button.

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