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Upgrade your Local Copy installation

Upgrade your version of Local Copy to version 2.0

Before you upgrade Local Copy from version 1.11.2 to the latest version, make sure you:

  • have Java version 1.8 or later installed
  • have downloaded Local Copy 2.0
  • are using one of these recommended operating systems:
    • Windows 7 or later
    • Windows Server 2008 R2 or later
  • are using the latest version of Firefox or Google Chrome (not Internet Explorer)

You should also ensure that:

  • no users’ passwords are expired
  • no users’ accounts are locked or disabled
  • no projects are hidden or inactive. If they are, contact our Service Desk.
  • you have exported all Local Copy jobs before you start the installation (as a backup) and make a note of the location to which you’ve exported them in case you have trouble with the upgrade. These exported jobs will be available should you need to roll back the installation. Jobs should only imported into the version of Local Copy from which they were created. Don’t import jobs from a previous version of Local Copy into your newly installed version.

Install the new version of Local Copy

  1. Download the Local Copy installer.
  2. Stop the Local Copy service. To do this:
    1. Log into Local Copy as the Administrator.
    2. Click on the Program menu.
    3. Choose Stop local Copy Service.
  3. Navigate the folder to which you downloaded the Local Copy installer.
  4. Unzip the installer files and navigate to that unzipped folder.
  5. Run Aconex Local Copy Install for Windows.bat as the Administrator. If you’re not the Administrator of the machine on which you’re doing the installation, right-click on the file and select Run as Administrator from the menu that appears.
  6. You’ll see a message asking if you’d like to upgrade Local Copy. Click Yes.
The upgrade confirmation request
  1. Click Next in the Welcome screen.
  2. Read through the License Agreement and accept it: click on the radio button next to I accept the terms of this license agreement, then click Next.
  3. You’ll see the location of your previous installation of the Local Copy folder on your machine. Don’t change this. Click Next.
  1. You’ll see a notification about upgrading Local Copy. Click Yes.
Proceed with the upgrade
  1. You’ll see the progress of your installation as it takes place. Note that this process can take a long time. We recommend leaving your computer on overnight if your Local Copy installation contains gigabytes of data. When the installation is complete, click Next.
  1. Click Done to launch Aconex Local Copy.
  2. Aconex Local Copy Manager will open in your browser.

Verify your installation

From the Local Copy Manager:

  1. Click on View Jobs.
  2. Select a job with the status Available.
  3. Click on Force update.
  4. Wait for around 10 minutes, then click Refresh.
  5. Check the #issues column.
    1. If the #issues column count is more than 0, and appears in red, please contact our Service Desk.
    2. If the #issues column count is 0, the upgrade has completed successfully.
  6. Once the job has completed, log into Local Copy Viewer.
    1. Double click on the job you just forced to update.
    2. Verify that you can access documents and mail in that job.
    3. If you can’t, please contact our Service Desk.

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