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What is Local Copy?

Aconex Local Copy provides you with a local read-only copy of up-to-date project data during the life of your project. It is similar in appearance and function to working with your project in Aconex.

You can:

  • Search for documents and mail with standard Aconex search capability.
  • Export search results to Microsoft Excel for reporting.View all of your documents, including mark-ups and document history.
  • View the event log for every document.
  • View sent or received mail, including transmittals and associated attachments.Easily open and save mail attachments.
  • Access full mail thread information.
  • Print mails.

Aconex Local Copy has two components:

  • Local Copy Manager – a browser-based management tool for system administrators for creating, and managing:
    • Jobs – these specify the details of a datastore, such as the Aconex instance, the project, and the update schedule.
    • Datastores – are a folder structure and database that contains all of the data files for your local copy of a project’s data for the specified Aconex user.
  • Local Copy Viewer – a browser-based viewer for users for viewing and reporting on the information in a Local Copy datastore.
  • Aconex Local Copy users will need the viewer URL to access and open a datastore. If you choose to password protect a datastore, you’ll also need to give this password to your users.
  • The PC that is running Local Copy should be a dedicated machine with a permanent connection to the web.

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