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Local Copy 2.0

A mandatory upgrade packed with new features

This major release delivers a number of enhancements and fixes, including the option to run Local Copy as a Windows service and auto-update functionality.

The download is available on Support Central.

Support Central also provides installation instructions and troubleshooting advice.

Local Copy as windows service

Local Copy can now be run as a Windows service or as a standalone program (as it currently does).

Running Local Copy as a Windows service means that it will launch when Windows boots up and continue to run in the background, even if you log out of Windows.

(Note, if you shutdown or restart your computer while a Local Copy job is running, it will fail and you’ll need to run it again.)

To run Local Copy as a Windows service, you’ll need to install Local Copy 2.0 as an Administrator.

If you have already installed Local Copy 2.0 as a normal User, you can later choose to switch it to a Windows services program by using the menu in Windows programs.


  • If you are intending to upgrade to Local Copy 2.0 from a version older than Local Copy 1.11.2, you should contact Service Desk for assistance.
  • If you need to remove Local Copy from Windows services, you will need to contact Aconex Service Desk.

Auto upgrade of LC

You won’t need to manually install updates to Local Copy anymore. Performance enhancements and fixes will be applied automatically from this release on. You will find details of potential upgrades in the software upgrade screen. Users can choose to manually control when the update is installed.

License Expiry warning message

Licence expiry notifications will now be displayed 15 days before licence expiry.

Help Link to Support Central page

Easily navigate to Support Central by clicking the new Help link which features on all Local Copy pages.

Ability to manually enter the start date in LC – Create New Job page

You can now type start dates or use the calendar date picker when creating a new job.

Failed Installation

If Local Copy installation fails you will be redirected to Aconex Support Central for troubleshooting advice. At the same time, the failed installation will be rolled back.

Bug fixes

We fixed an issue where Local Copy would not start if a new version of Java was installed.

  • We fixed an issue that caused non-English Local Copy upgrades to crash.
  • We fixed a bug that caused shortcuts to not be generated in non-English installs.
  • We fixed an issue where MySQL would not be extracted correctly during installation.