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Log in to Mail and Docs for Mobile

Log into Mail and Docs for Mobile, and reset a forgotten password.

Log in to Mail and Docs for Mobile

  1. Enter your Aconex login name and password to log in to Mail and Docs for mobile.

Just like the Aconex web application, if you enter your login name or password incorrectly five times in a row, you’ll be locked out of your Aconex account. You’ll need to reset your password in the web application to gain access.

  1. Tap Location and select the location you want to to log in to—it’s the same location you use to log in to Aconex on your computer.

  2. Set Remember me to ON if you don’t want to re-enter your details each time you start the app.

  3. Tap Login.

Log into Aconex for Mobile
  1. If you’re working on multiple projects, you’ll need to select one to work on.

We’ll regularly update your projects on Mail and Docs for Mobile with new mail and document templates, the current project directory, and so on. This update takes place after you select the project, and can take a minute or more depending on the amount of new information you need to download.

  1. You’ll see the Tasks page, which shows your unread, outstanding, and overdue mail and documents.

  2. To select a different project, use the Project Selector.

Selecting a project

Reset a forgotten password

Your Mail and Docs for Mobile password is the same as your Aconex password. To reset it, you need to reset your password in the main Aconex application.

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