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Logging into Mail and Docs Mobile using 2-Step Verification

Find out how to access your Mail and Docs Mobile account using an authentication code.

To use 2-Step Verification you have to have it set up on your Aconex account.

  1. Follow these instructions to log into Aconex Mobile.
  2. The first time you log in to the app through your company’s network, your phone’s browser will open and you’ll see the Login page for the Aconex web application. Enter your Aconex name and password, then tap Log in.
  3. Now use your authenticator to generate a code. Remember that this is time-limited and may expire before you use it.
  4. Enter the code into the Enter you 6-digit verification code field.
  5. Tap Authenticate to log into Aconex. This automatically opens the Aconex Mobile app. You’ll see the My Projects page or Task page depending on the OS your device uses.

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