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Org Admin Guide

Org Admin Guide

As the Org Admin you’re responsible for managing Aconex settings for your organization. These articles will help you with the essential tasks you'll need to do in this role. New to Aconex? Watch this video for a short explainer.

What does an Org Admin do?

Whoever registers your organization in Aconex becomes the Org Admin by default, but you can always add a new Org Admin.  
Unsure who your Org Admin is? Find an Org Admin.

Click Getting Started below to begin your journey as an effective Organization Administrator.

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Getting Started

Your guide to becoming an effective Organization Administrator

Register and setup your organization

Register your organization, upload your logo and manage your organization's information.

Create users, manage roles and set permissions

Create accounts, reset passwords and manage what people in your organization can and can't do in Aconex.

Manage permissions for specific modules