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Org Admin Guide

Org Admin Guide

As the Org Admin you’re responsible for managing all of the Aconex settings for your organization. These articles will help you with the essential tasks you'll need to do in this role. 

Register your organization

Has your organization been invited to join a project using Aconex? Get set up quickly.

Manage user accounts

Create a new user account, reset user passwords and more.

Manage user roles & permissions

Manage user roles, permissions, 2-Step Verification and more.

Manage a project using optional Aconex features

Manage permissions and user roles for Workflows, Supplier Docs, & Tenders/Bids.

Manage document rules

Manage document rules for your organization.

Manage mail rules

Set up Mail approvals and templates.

Manage organization preferences

Manage access protocols, document and mail preferences and more.

Manage your organization's information

Create and update the information about your organization in Aconex.