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Delete an Access Control group or rule

Follow these steps if you need to delete an Access Control group or rule.

Before you begin

If you delete a rule or group this will 'release' all documents that were inaccessible.

Users will be able to access all documents, including the ones that were uploaded while the rule or group was in use. 

Before you delete a group or rule consider if you need to mark certain documents (both the current and previous version) as confidential. Find out more about marking documents and mail as confidential.

  1. Select your project.
  2. Click Setup.
  3. Under Project, click Configure Access Control.

If you want to delete a group

Click on the group name.

Delete group

Click the Delete button.

delete group

Click OK in the confirmation screen.

If you want to delete a rule

  1. Click on the rule name
delete the rule
  1. Click the Delete button.
Delete the rule
  1. Click OK in the confirmation screen.

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