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Use Access Control to restrict users' access to documents

Use Access Control to prevent users in your organization from accessing certain types of documents.

How it works

Access Control involves assigning users roles that have certain privileges attached. 

Using Access Control, you can prevent certain users from:

  • searching documents
  • uploading documents
  • superseding documents.

When you restrict access to a document type (or Attribute 1) using Access Control the following will occur:

If the userThen this will occur
Uploads a documentThe restricted document type will not be available when they upload their document. This applies for both single file upload and bulk uploads.
Supersedes a documentwill not see the document type in the list.
Searches for a documentThe document type will display in the search panel. However, no results will display.

When should I use Access Control?

Access Control is ideal to control access to documents on complex projects, or in large organizations.

Before you begin

How are documents being sent on your projects?

Are any other of the organizations you are working with sending documents by mail attachment, instead of by transmittal?

If you apply access control rules to restrict a user's access to a document, these are respected in Aconex Mail. So while a transmittal can be seen by another user, they cannot see the document as it is removed from the transmittal.

If the other organization is unwilling to send documents via transmittal, you must ensure that these mails are marked confidential.

Consider taking these steps as a workaround.

  1. Set up a mailing group in the Project Directory. Read Creating a new mailing group for step-by-step instructions.
  2. Ask the other organization to always use this mailing group when sending documents. This helps you control the recipient list for the documents.
  3. Ask the organization to always mark their mail as confidential when using this mailing group.

Following these steps reduces, but does not remove, the risk that documents can be accessed.

Getting started with Access Control

The first step, when you want to start using Access Control, is to set up user groups.

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