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Set the email notification default for users in your organization

As the Org Admin you can choose whether, by default, users receive email notifications when they are sent a project mail.

You can set email notifications to be sent when:

  • a user receives a project mail in Aconex, and
  • the user has an overdue task.

You can also control how much information is included in an email notification. As you can see below, the Entire email body email notification on the left contains the project mail content. The notification-only email on the right does not.

You can set the defaults, but be aware that each user can also change their own notification settings.

Notification comparison
  1. Click the Setup button on the Module Menu, and under Configuration, click Preferences.
Preferences Menu
  1. Click the Organization tab.
Organization Tab
  1. Scroll down to NotificationSelect type of email notifications.
Edit Preferences Notification

The Size limit for notification attachments(MB) field only appears if you choose Entire Mail body with attachments in the Receive notifications via email list.

  1. Clear the checkbox in the Use Default Setting column.
  2. Choose the type of notification you want in the Select type of email notifications list.
    • Notification only – email contains a link to the Aconex project mail (default).
    • Entire mail body – email contains the entire project mail body. The project mail is automatically marked as read in Aconex.
    • Entire mail body with attachments – email contains the entire project mail body and any attachments (to a maximum of 4 Mb by default). The project mail is automatically marked as read in Aconex. See Changing the size limit for attachments below.
    • None – notification emails won't be sent to you.
  3. Click the Save button.
Notification Dropdown

Changing the size limit for attachments

If you have chosen to include project mail attachments in notification emails, you can limit the total size of all attachments. By default, the limit is 4Mb. If the size of all attachments exceeds the limit, the notification email will contain a link to the project mail, and won't have any attachments.

  1. Scroll down to NotificationSize limit for notification attachments (MB).
Attachment Size
  1. Clear the checkbox in the Use Default Setting column.
  2. Select the maximum total size of all attachments in the Size limit for notification attachments (MB) list.
  3. Click the Save button.
Choose Attahment Size

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