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Set the organization code for your organization

As the Org Admin you can set your organization's code on a specific project to be used in mail and document numbering.

When you first register with Aconex, you'll be asked to provide an organization code for your organization. 

In fact, the code is project-specific, so you can need to set one for each new project in which your organization participates.

The code identifies your organization on the project, and can be used in document and mail auto-numbering schemes.

  1. Click Setup from the Module Menu, and then under Project, click  Project Settings.
  2. Click Mail, then click Mail Footers.
  1. In the Auto-number scheme section, enter a code for your organization in both the Mail Type with Organization Prefix and the Document Auto-number Organization Code fields. This code must:
    • be unique within the project
    • contain only letters or figures
    • consist of eight characters or fewer.
  2. Click the Save button.
Setting the Document Auto-number Organization Code.

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