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Create a new user in your organization

As the Org Admin, you can create new user accounts.

It's easy to create user accounts in Aconex. Each account can span multiple projects, so you need only create one user account for each person in your organization who's working in Aconex.

  1. Click Setup.
  2. Under My Organization click Create User.
Select Create User
  1. Complete the mandatory fields — they're marked with a red asterisk, and have a yellow background:
    • Given name 
    • Family name
    • Email
    • Login name (note that this is case-sensitive).
New user details

Double-check your spelling of the user's Given name and Family name. If you make an error, it can only be changed by the Aconex Service Desk, so save your new user time by getting their name right.

  1. In the Projects field, add the project(s) this user will be working on.

Need to add this user to a project that isn't appearing the list? The Project Administrator has set the invitation mode to "explicit". Ask the Project Administrator to add this user to that project.

If you double-click a project in the Available Projects list, it'll be added to the Selected Projects list. If you double-click a project in the Selected Projects list, it'll be removed from that list.

  1. If the user speaks a language other than English you can also change the default language.
    Note that when we send this new user emails, we'll also use the language you've selected.
  2. Click Save.
Email notification

An example of the email the user will receive

Once you create a user account, we'll send the new user an email with their login name and a link to log in.

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