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Creating a guest user in another organization

Need to send or receive documents from someone in another organization who doesn't have an Aconex account?

If you want to send or receive documents from someone in another organization who doesn't have an Aconex account, you can set them up as a guest user in Aconex. If you need to create a guest user account for someone who works in your organization then see Create a guest user in your own organization.

With any project selected:

  1. Click on Directory.
  2. Select Global Directory.
project dropdown
  1. Click the Create Guest button.
create guest
  1. Add in the person's organization, given name and family name. It's also a good idea to add in the person's email address, although this is optional.
  2. Click the Save button.

Checking this user account hasn't already been created

If there is an existing account for the guest user you are creating you'll see this screen.


harry exists

Make a selection then click the Continue button.

Checking if the user's organization already exists in Aconex

If the user’s organization already exists you'll see this screen.

Existing organization name

Select the organization name. Otherwise, select Register new organization.

Click Continue to create the guest user account, which you can find it in the global directory.

search guest user

Adding the user onto your project directory

  1. Select the required project
  2. Select Mail
  3. Select Blank Mail.
  4. Select any mail type.
  5. Click the To button.
To button
  1. Click the Global tab.
global tab

If you do not see the global directory tab this means your project is set to explicit invitation. You'll need to ask the project admin to invite the user for you.

  1. Enter any search criteria.
  2. Click Search.
  3. Select the user's name.
  4. Click the To button.
add participant
  1. Click the OK button.
  2. Complete your mail.
  3. Click the Send button. The guest user has now been added to your project directory.

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