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Turn on 2 Step Verification for a project your organization owns

Implement an extra level of security on a certain project

2 Step Verification provides an extra level of security for your project.

When you turn it on, all your project’s collaborators will need to use it every time they log into Aconex — including people outside your organization.

So before you enable this setting, consider working with key organizations on the project to have them turn on 2 Step Verification for their users. This way, those users won’t have any problems when they come to access Aconex.

  1. Log into Aconex and select the project from the Projects dropdown.

  2. Click Setup in the module menu.

  3. Under Configuration, select Preferences.

  4. Click on the Projects tab.

  5. Scroll to Project-wide settings, and under Security you’ll see the Authentication Strength options.

  6. Click on the Use Default Setting checkbox in the right-hand column to deselect it.

  7. In the dropdown menu, select 2-Step Verification Required.

Setting 2 Step Verification for a project
  1. Click Save at the top-right of the page to save the project setting.

The next time users on that project log in to Aconex, they’ll be prompted to set up 2 Step Verification as part of their login.

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