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2-Step Verification Guide for Organization Administrators

Everything you need to know to administer 2-Step Verification in your organization and projects.

2-Step Verification adds another layer of security to organizations and projects in Aconex. 2-Step Verification is also known as 2SV.

The first step in 2-Step Verification is a user’s Aconex login name and password.

The second step links the user with a physical device. Users use an Authenticator app on their mobile device or computer to generate a unique code that they enter into the Aconex login page each time they log into Aconex. We match that code to give them access.

If you use online banking or other cloud-based services, you may already be familiar with 2-Step Verification.

We’ve prepared this introduction for users, which answers the key questions around how 2-Step Verification works.

See also our 2 Step Verification troubleshooting guide.

If users forget how to log in using 2-Step Verification, show them this 2 Step Verification login help page.

2 Step Verification at a glance

  • Compatibility with devices: 2-Step Verification can be used with iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry 7 mobile devices, and on Windows computers.
  • Affects users’ accounts: You can apply 2-Step Verification at the project or organization level, but it affects users’ accounts. A user who has 2-Step Verification at either level must always use 2-Step Verification to log in to Aconex, even if certain parts of the system (for example, certain projects) don’t require it.

  • Setup Wizard: When you apply 2-Step Verification, affected users will be prompted to set up the authenticator app on their devices through a Setup Wizard the next time they log in.

Using 2-Step Verification

2SV can only be used after it has to be set up by your Org Admin, and they have enabled the permission for your role. Please talk to your Org Admin for more information.

Applying additional security in your organization

As the Organization Administrator, you control how 2-Step Verification is applied within your organization and the projects it owns.

You can apply 2 Step Verification across your organization by granting access to certain user roles.

We recommend you do this in stages, so that you can help users understand the need for the additional security, and get set up.

This setting takes effect immediately. The next time the affected users try to log in, they’ll see the 2-Step Verification Setup Wizard. This steps them through setting up a mobile device or computer with an authenticator app.

Users will need to use the authenticator app every time they log into Aconex from this point on. So if they access Aconex from multiple computers, for example, they’ll need to either set up the authenticator on a mobile device, or set it up on every computer from which they want to access Aconex.

If users want to set up multiple devices, they’ll need to set them all up at once, as the Aconex “secret key” they need to enter into each authenticator app can only be shown once, at setup, for security reasons.

Applying 2 Step Verification to a project

You can apply 2 Step Verification to a project you own in the project’s Preferences.

As soon as a user is invited to join a project that uses 2-Step Verification, they will no longer be able to access any Aconex projects on that Aconex instance without using it.

Keep in mind that if you apply 2-Step Verification to a project, every collaborator on that project, including people outside your organization and those working with them through Aconex, will also need to use 2-Step Verification every time they log into Aconex.  

We recommend you work with your project community to develop a 2 Step Verification rollout plan before you implement this feature. Your Aconex representative can help you with this plan.

Resetting and removing user enrolment

Users may also replace devices on which they’ve set up 2-Step Verification. In that case, you’ll need to reset their enrolment, so they can go through the Setup Wizard for their new device.

To leave a project requiring 2-Step Verification, a user will have to contact the Aconex Service Desk.

Note that disabling an account that uses 2-Step Verification won't have immediate effect on mobile devices unless the user has logged out of their account on their mobile device. Otherwise, it may take up to 24 hours for their mobile account access to be disabled.

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