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Administering Single Sign On access for your organization

Give users in your organization Single Sign On access to Aconex.

Before you can start configuring users for Single Sign On, the technical work of connecting your sign-on service with Aconex’s must be completed first.

  1. Click Setup in the module menu.

  2. Select User Role Configuration.

  3. On the User Role Configuration page, under Administration, find the setting called Single Sign On.

  4. Find the user roles to which you want to assign this setting in the columns to the right of the setting name.

  5. Select Grant in the setting’s drop down for each user role you want to to assign this setting.

Granting users access through Single Sign On
  1. Click Save to save the changes.

  2. Email users with affected roles to let them know that the way they log into Aconex will change. Include the link to our help on accessing Aconex via your company’s network in your email.

Note that the mapping between the user’s SSO credentials and their Aconex credentials will take place the next time the user logs into Aconex. You don’t need to set anything up ahead of time for each user.

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