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Create a new user role for your organization

Create a new user role for all of the projects that your organization is working on.
  1. Click Setup.
  2. Select User Role Configuration.
user role configuation
  1. Click the Create Role button.
Create user role
  1. Give your new user role a descriptive name.
    You can also choose to assign this user role to new users by default.
  2. Click the Save button. It's in the far right hand corner.
give user role a name
  1. Configure the settings for your new user role.
    • Select Grant to give permission for users.
    • Select Deny to explicily restrict users from performing a task.
    • Where no change is required, leave the settings as N/A.
configure settings
  1. Press the Save button. It's in the far right hand corner of the screen.
  2. Now click the Assign User Roles button to assign this role to people in your organization. For step-by-step instructions read through Add or remove someone from a user role.

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