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Default user role settings

At the start of your project there will be five user roles available in Aconex. We've listed out the settings for each of these five user roles.

Default settings

SettingBasicBasic+Document AdminProject AdminOrganization Admin


Create a guest userN/AN/AGrantGrantGrant
Create a new userN/AN/AN/AN/AGrant
Edit all users informationN/AN/AN/AN/AGrant
Edit organization informationN/AN/AN/AN/AGrant
Edit own user informationGrantGrantGrantGrantGrant
Edit role secured asset settingsN/AN/AN/AN/AGrant
Edit user level access protocol preferencesGrantGrantGrantGrantGrant
Edit user level session time durationGrantGrantGrantGrantGrant
Edit users role settingsN/AN/AN/AN/AGrant

Cross project

Perform Cross Project SearchN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A


Mark up files using viewerGrantGrantGrantGrantGrant
View files using viewerGrantGrantGrantGrantGrant



Create a transmittalN/AGrantGrantGrantGrant
Edit document confidentialityN/AN/AGrantGrantGrant
Manually update transmittal attachmentsN/AN/AGrantGrantGrant
Mark documents as No Longer in UseN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Restore historical document to current versionN/AN/AGrantGrantGrant
Run auto-update transmitted documentsN/AN/AGrantGrantGrant
Supersede a documentN/AGrantGrantGrantGrant
Unlock any documentN/AN/AN/AGrantGrant
Upload new documentsN/AN/AGrantGrantGrant
Share a documentN/AN/AGrantGrantGrant
Share document to allN/AN/AN/AGrantGrant


Link document to folderN/AN/AGrantGrantGrant
Manage foldersN/AN/AGrantGrantGrant

Print Requests

Create print requestsN/AN/AGrantGrantGrant
View print requestsGrantGrantGrantGrantGrant

Bulk Processing

Bulk processingN/AN/AGrantGrantGrant


Edit/delete shared saved searchesN/AN/AGrantGrantGrant
Search document registerGrantGrantGrantGrantGrant
Share saved searchesN/AN/AGrantGrantGrant


Run a transmittal history reportGrantGrantGrantGrantGrant



Configure user notification attachments size limitN/AN/AN/AGrantGrant
Configure user notification typeGrantGrantGrantGrantGrant
Create mailGrantGrantGrantGrantGrant
View organization's project mailGrantGrantGrantGrantGrant


Edit/delete shared saved searchesN/AN/AGrantGrantGrant
Share saved searchesN/AN/AGrantGrantGrant

Mail Approvals

Can be made a mail approverGrantGrantGrantGrantGrant
Configure mail approvals for organizationN/AN/AN/AN/AGrant
Configure mail approvals for projectsN/AN/AN/AGrantGrant


Create a tender addendumN/AN/AN/AN/AGrant
Create a tender invitationN/AN/AN/AN/AGrant
Create a tender responseN/AN/AN/AN/AGrant
View organization's tendersN/AN/AN/AN/AGrant


Create/edit a workflow templateN/AN/AGrantGrantGrant
Edit/delete shared saved searchesN/AN/AGrantGrantGrant
Initiate a workflowN/AN/AGrantGrantGrant
Review a workflowN/AGrantGrantGrantGrant
Share saved searchesN/AN/AGrantGrantGrant
Workflow administratorN/AN/AGrantGrantGrant


Add project participants via project listN/AN/AGrantGrantGrant
Configure Access ControlN/AN/AN/AN/AGrant
Create a projectN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Edit project password and session settingsN/AN/AN/AN/AGrant
Edit project settingsN/AN/AN/AGrantGrant
View project participants via project listN/AN/AN/AGrantGrant


Edit directory visibilityN/AN/AN/AN/AGrant
View Global DirectoryGrantGrantGrantGrantGrant

Additional role settings

Extra, optional modules may be available on your project. If so, the following settings will apply by default.

Setting Basic Basic+ Document Admin Project Admin Organization Admin

Supplier Documents

Edit/delete shared saved searches N/A N/A N/A N/A Grant
Share saved searches N/A N/A N/A N/A Grant
Supplier Documents administrator N/A N/A N/A N/A Grant

Web Services API

Outlook Plugin N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Perform Web Services API Grant Grant N/A N/A Grant


View reports N/A N/A Grant N/A Grant

Connected BIM

Access BIM Grant Grant Grant Grant Grant
Create model stack N/A N/A Grant Grant Grant

How do I manage user roles?

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