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Grant access for users to log in using 2 Step Verification

Turn on 2 Step Verification for users in your organization.
  1. Log into Aconex.

  2. Click Setup in the module menu.

  3. Select User Role Configuration.

  4. Scroll to the User Account heading, and under Login, find the 2-Step Verification permission.

    • For each user role for which you want to enable 2-Step Verification, select Grant from the dropdown.

    • To enable 2-Step Verification for your entire organization, be sure to select Grant for every user role in the list.

  5. Click Save at the top right of the page to save your changes.

The next time users with the assigned roles log in to Aconex, they’ll be prompted to set up 2-Step Authentication as part of their login. 

The Configure User Role Settings screen showing the Login using 2-Step Verification option.

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