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Reset the password for a user in your organization

As the Org Admin you can reset the password for a user in your organization when required.
  • The users new password must conform to the password rules on the Password Change page to be able to save it.
  • Passwords cannot contain any part of the users first name, last name or user login.
  1. Click the Setup button on the Module Menu, and under My Organization, click User Accounts List.
Slecting the User Accounts List
  1. Complete one or more search criteria fields.
  2. Click the Search button.
  3. Click the name of the user you want to set the password for.
Search and Select User
  1. Click the Password button.
  1. Enter your password in the Current Password field. You are prompted to first enter your password, to authorize yourself as an admin user. This allows you to set a temporary password for another user. This process doesn’t reset your password.
Change Password
  1. Enter the new password for the user in both the:
    • New Password field.
    • Confirm Password field.
  2. Press Save.
  3. You now have to provide the temporary password to the user.  They can then login with the temporary password and update it when prompted to do so.
New Password

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