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Resolving permission issues for your users

Introducing User Roles. As the Org Admin, you have responsibility for the users in your organisation, and how they interact with Aconex.

With great power comes great responsibility.  You control how users in your organization interact with and access information on Aconex.  You create and disable their accounts, and manage permissions to give them access to functionality across different areas of the system.  

Permissions are managed within User Roles, which are configured and assigned to each of your users.

When your organization first joined Aconex, it was given a default User Role set. However, we know each organization has different needs so we allow User Roles to be customized.

If a user in your organization receives a permission issue or is unable to access certain functionality, you’ll need to review the User Role(s) that have been assigned to them.  

Let's take a look at an example.

Example: Help Patrick to Upload documents

Patrick, one of your colleagues has been asked to Upload a document.  He follows the steps outlined in the support article but he cannot see the Upload a new document option.  He asks the Service Desk for help and they refer him to his organization administrator (that's you), with some steps to Assign User Roles.  

Let's take a look at Patrick's permissions in Aconex.

From Setup > Assign User Roles we’ll search for Patrick. 

view assigned roles

We can see he is assigned two User Roles. ‘Basic’ and ‘Basic+’.

This doesn’t tell us much about the specific permissions Patrick has access to, so let's click on Configure User Role Settings to view the permissions that are granted to these roles.

click Configure User Role Settings
view permissions

We can see the permission Upload new documents is set as 'N/A' for both roles.  In fact, he doesn't seem to have many permissions in Documents, as many are set as N/A (or Not Applicable).  How do Grant, Deny and N/A work?

You have at least three options to resolve this problem: 

  1. Grant the required permission to one of the assigned roles.
  2. Assign a role that already grants the required permission.
  3. Create a new role, Grant permission and Assign it.

Permissions in Aconex are often called ‘Secured Assets’ or ‘Permission Assets’.

Notice the 'Document Admin' role has the required permission set to Grant, along with other permissions that Patrick may need access to. 

Let’s go with option 2 and assign him the 'Document Admin' role.

Click Assign User Roles to go back to the previous screen.

Tick the 'Document Admin' role and click Save.

assign the role and save

Following option 1 would Grant permission to the Basic role and solve Patrick's issue, BUT we need to keep in mind this would also give permission for all users assigned the Basic role.

Patrick can now upload documents, restore historical versions and create transmittals.

You now know the basics of User Roles and permissions in Aconex, and are on your way to becoming an effective organization administrator!

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