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Why should I create user roles at the project level?

As the Organization Administrator, user roles are an important way for you to manage who can access what in Aconex.

Organization level and project level - what's the difference?

You can create or modify two different types of user roles: 

  • organization level, and
  • project level.

Organization-level user roles are how you will manage most of your organization's permissions in Aconex. When you make a change to an organization-level user role, it applies to every project your team is working on.

If you need to change a user’s permissions for one specific project, create a user role at the project level. Project-level user role settings will override any organization-level settings. But just for the specific project.

What settings can I change at the project level?

Unless you've been restricted by the Project Administrator, you can change the following settings:


  • Edit role secured asset settings
  • Edit user role settings


  • Mark up files using viewer



  • Create a transmittal
  • Mark documents as No longer in use
  • Restore historical document to current version
  • Run auto-update transmitted documents
  • Supersede a document
  • Upload new documents

Bulk processing

  • Bulk process


  • Search document register



  • Create mail
  • View organization’s project mail

Mail approvals

  • Can be made a mail approver


  • Create a tender addendum
  • Create a tender invitation
  • Create a tender response


  • Create/edit a workflow template
  • Initiate a workflow
  • Workflow administrator


Supplier Documents

  • Supplier Documents administrator

Web Services API

  • Perform Web Services API


  • View Reports

Models/Connected BIM

  • Access BIM
  • Create Model Stack

How do I create a project-level user role?

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