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Why would I create a user role at the project level?

As the Organization Administrator, user roles are an important way of managing who can access what in Aconex.

Organization level or project level - what's the difference?

You can create or modify two different types of user roles: 

  • organization level, and
  • project level.

Organization-level user roles are how you will manage most of your organization's permissions in Aconex. When you make a change to an organization-level user role, it applies to every project your team is working on.

If you need to change a user’s permissions for one specific project, create a user role at the project level. Project-level user role settings will override any organization-level settings. But just for the specific project.

What settings can I change at the project level?

You can change (unless you've been restricted by the Project Administrator) the following settings:


  • Edit role secured asset settings
  • Edit user role settings


  • Mark up files using viewer



  • Create a transmittal
  • Mark documents as No longer in use
  • Restore historical document to current version
  • Run auto-update transmitted documents
  • Supersede a document
  • Upload new documents


  • Share a document
  • Share documents to all

Bulk processing

  • Bulk process


  • Search document register



  • Create mail
  • View organization’s project mail

Mail approvals

  • Can be made a mail approver


  • Create a tender addendum
  • Create a tender invitation
  • Create a tender response


  • Create/edit a workflow template
  • Initiate a workflow
  • Workflow administrator


  • Configure Access Control
  • Edit project settings

Supplier Documents

  • Supplier Documents administrator

Web Services API

  • Perform Web Services API


  • View Reports

Connected BIM

  • Access BIM
  • Create Model Stack

How do I create a project-level user role?

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