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Creating a Tenders user role

As the Org Admin, you can create a new user role to allow or restrict people in your organization from creating and managing tenders.
  1. Click Setup.
  2. Under Configuration, click Configure User Role Settings.
Setup Config User Roles Menu
  1. Click the Create Role button.
The Create Role button.
  1. Enter a name that describes the purpose of the role in the Role Name field, for example, Tenders.
  2. Click the Save button.
Adding a name to the New Role field.
  1. Scroll across to Tenders, which has been added as a new column on the right of the table.
  2. For each Tenders setting, choose on of the following: 
  • Grant – to give access to the new role.
  • N/A – to leave the security setting open, allowing access to be granted or denied through another role. Access is denied if not granted through another role.
  • Deny – to deny access to the role.
  1. Click the Save button.
Selecting the Grant, N/A or Deny options for the tender role.

Need more information about how Grant, Deny and N/A work? Find out here.

Available Tender security settings

The table below describes the Available Tender – new module security settings.

Security settingDescription
Create a tender addendumEnables the user to create an addendum to a tender invitation, if the user also has the View organization’s tenders security setting granted.
Create a tender invitationEnables the user to create a tender invitation.
Create a tender responseEnables the user to create a response to a tender invitation, if the user also has the View organization’s tenders security setting granted.
View organization’s tendersAllows the user to view the organization’s tender list, and from the list, view details of tender invitations, addenda and responses. Note that a user can always access any tenders they create themselves. This particular setting controls their ability to view other tenders created within the organization.

Does the tender recipient need their user role modified?

No, they don't. Tender recipients are automatically granted access to view and respond to a tender invitation. Create a tender response and View organization’s tenders (the recipients’ organization).

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