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Create a new project

Is your organization about to start a new project using Aconex?

If you would like to enquire about using Aconex on a new project that is not covered under an existing agreement, please raise a sales enquiry here.

If you have an existing agreement with Oracle Aconex that covers multiple system projects, you (or nominated Administrator(s)) can request a New Project in three simple steps:

1. Log into your organization’s communication project
2. Create a ‘New Project Request’ Mail
3. Complete the project details on the mail form and hit send

This request will route directly to our activation team who will invite the nominated contact once its ready.

After your new project has been created

Your organization’s Project Admin can follow the Project Setup Guide to further configure your new project.

For more information about the Oracle Aconex New Project Request process reach out to our Sales or Customer Success Teams.

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