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Manage Organizations on your Project

Manage Organizations on your Project

Manage what the organizations on your project can, and can't, do – including your own.

Project roles

Control the mail types, document types, and document statuses that are available to organizations on your project using Roles.

Allow or restrict an organization's access to document types, document statuses and mail types.

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User roles

As the Project Administrator, you can create project-specific roles for users in your organization.

Manage project-specific user roles for your organization.

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Project invitation mode

The Project Invitation Mode settings let you control which organizations can invite users to your project.

Control whether organizations can add users onto your project.

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Mail approvals

Control the rules for mail approval within your organization.

Set up or delete mail approval rules for projects your organization is on.

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Security settings

If you're the project-owning organization you can control the password strength, password access rules and session duration for organizations participating on your project.

Change the password and session durations for organizations.

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Read only and archive access control

You control who creates, edits, or accesses the information on your project.

Prevent users and organizations from creating, editing, or accessing information on your project.

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