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Creating a new Access Control Group and Rule

Setting up Access Control limits for your organization’s users on a project.

There are three steps to limiting who can see or cannot see specific project documents, using Access Control. These are:

  1. Grouping users.
  2. Creating access control rules.
  3. Assigning rules to a group.

Note that when you do this, you are NOT giving the group permission to see the documents you specify, you are EXCLUDING them. If you do not create any groups, then all your users will be able to see all your documents.

Step 1 - Grouping your users

You can create as many groups as you need using the following steps. Bear in mind that users not in the group can access your documents, so it's worth double-checking that everyone you want to prevent from accessing them are included.

  1. Select your project.
  2. Click Setup.
  3. Click Configure Access Control.
  4. Click the Create Group button.
Configure access control
  1. In the Name field enter the group’s name. For example, Senior Managers. Since the list is really the list of everyone who should be prevented from seeing what Senior Managers can see, you may want to call the list Everyone but Senior Managers to be really clear and avoid mistakes.
  2. Add users to this group by double-clicking their names. Alternatively, select all names and move them to the right Selected Users side. Then select the ones you don’t want to include and move them back to the left Available Users side.

We recommend grouping your users via their function or their responsibilities. The groups you create can of course reflect the values you have selected in Attribute 1.

  1. You can automatically add any new users to the group by selecting Add new project users to this group (Default). This is an optional field.
Automatically add new users to this group.

If you select Add new project users to this group (Default) in Step 6, the label Default is automatically added to the new group. In a real project, you would probably not want to automatically add new users to the Senior management user group.

  1. Click Save.
Default user group

Step 2. Creating new rules for Documents Access Control

Once you’ve set up a new group, you have to create a rule that stops it from accessing specific document types.

  1. Click the Create Rule button.
Create new rule button

2. Enter the name of the rule into the Name field. For example, Contracts.

Create a rule
  1. Add document types by double clicking on the list in Available Document Types. You can also prevent access to documents via Attribute 1. On complex projects you can use the Search filters to find the specific document type.
  2. Click Save.

Step 3. Assigning the rule to a group

When you do this, the group is prevented from searching, uploading and superseding the specified document type. You can apply more than one rule to a group if necessary.

  1. Find the group you’ve just created. Note that groups are arranged alphabetically.
  2. Select No access from the dropdown.
No access for senior management
  1. Click Save.

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