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Editing a mail approval configuration for your project

As the Project Administrator you can change or delete existing mail approval configurations for your organization.
  1. Click Mail.
  2. Under Actions, click Mail Approvals.
  3. Click the Configure Approvals button.
Configure Approvals Button
  1. Click the Projects tab.
  2. To configure a mail approval for an additional mail type, read the Configuring mail approval rules for organizations working on your project instructions.
  3. To remove mail approval from a mail type, under MailType<mail type name>, click the Remove checkbox at the far right.
Remove Approval for Type
  1. If required, change who is shown as the mail sender in the Marked as Sent By list.
    For more information, read Changing whether a mail was sent by the original author or the mail approver - for your project.
  2. To change the approvers for a mail type:
    1. Under MailType<mail type name>, click anywhere in the Approvers list.
Change Approvers
  1. To remove an approver, click the Trash icon to the right of the approver name.
  2. To add an approver, enter the approver's name and click the Find icon.
Change Approvers Dialogue
  1. Click the OK button.
  1. Click the Save button.
Configure Approvals Save Button

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