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Adding Users to your Project

As the Project Administrator of the project-owning organization, you can quickly add users to your project.

If you're a Project Administrator, use the instructions on this page. If you're not, use these ones instead.

  1. Click Setup and then under Project, click List My Projects.
Setup Menu: List My Project
  1. You should see a screen listing all your projects. If necessary use the search fields to find a specific project.
  1. Click the Project Participants icon at the right for the appropriate project.
Setup Project Participants Icon
  1. Click the Add User button. This opens a list of all the users you could add. Use the search criteria to find a specific person.
  1. Click the checkbox for the user you want to add to your project.
  2. Now select either:
  • Add as Full User button - the user appears in the project directory.
  • Add as Shadow User button - the user doesn't appear in the project directory.
Setup Project Participants Add Selected User
  1. Click the OK button at the top right of the browser.
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