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Adding users to your project

As the Project Administrator of the project-owning organization, you can quickly add users from your project.

If you're a Project Administrator, use the instructions on this page. If you're not, use these ones instead. See also Disable a user account in your organization and Unhide or Hide a User in the Project Directory.

  1. Open your projects list, then find and select the appropriate one.
An examp[le of a list of projects.
  1. Open the Actions menu by hovering over a row until you see the three dots icon.
  2. Select  Project Participants.
Selecting Project Participants from the Actions menu.
  1. Click the Add User button to open the Search – Directory screen.
An example of the project users list with the Add Users button highlighted.

Adding users

  1. To find users, start entering their name (or by their company name) in the Users field. This automatically populates with possible users. Do this for all the users you want to invite. In this example, the search uses the organization’s name.
An example of the search results using a company name.

You can change user visibility on the project directory Unhide or Hide a User in the Project Directory.

  1. When you’ve finished, select either Add as Full User or Add as Shadow User.
The Add as Full User or Add as Shadow User buttons.
  1. You should now see a panel at the top of the screen listing all the people you’re adding.
An example of the Target List table showing the users you're adding.
  1. Now click the OK button. The users will now be added to the project, and will receive an automatic email notification, outlining who has added them and to which project.

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