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Removing users from your project

As the Project Administrator of the project-owning organization, you can manage users and organizations participating on your project. 

Before removing users, note the following:

  • You cannot remove ALL users from any one organization from a project - at least one full user must remain to ensure that the organization can still access their data. If you need to restrict an organization's future access to a project, consider setting them to online archive access.  
  • You cannot remove yourself from a project
  • You need to be granted the following secured assets: Edit project settings and Remove project participants.  Your Organization Administrator may need to grant these permissions to your user role.
  1. To remove a user, go to Setup > List My Projects.  
  1. Hover over the row for your project, until the ellipsis menu (three dots icon) appears. Clicking this opens a list of options. Select Project Participants.
Select Project Participants
  1. Select the user(s) you wish to remove, then click Remove.  You’ll be asked to confirm the removal.
remove users

If you wish to remove an entire organization that no longer has active involvement with your project, you can change their access to archive. This effectively removes them from participation on the project.

Archived organisation’s cannot receive mail or updated documents, are not visible in the project directory and cannot be re-invited to the project (unless you or another project admin reinstates a normal access level for them).

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