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Unhide or Hide (Shadow) a User in the Project Directory

Project Admins from the project-owning organization can control which users are seen by others in the project directory.

There are some members of a project who may need to be hidden for a variety of reasons. For example, very senior management. Hiding them means they can still view a project’s details but all their contact details are hidden from other users, making it difficult for them to be sent correspondence on the project. You can only hide and unhide users if you are an Organization or Project Administrator in the organization that owns the project.

  1. Click the Setup button on the Module Menu, and then under Project, click List My Projects.
List My Pojects
  1. Hover over the row for your project, until the ellipsis menu (three dots icon) appears. Clicking this opens a list of options. Select Project Participants to display a list of users currently invited to this project.
The three dots icon and its options.
  1. The far-right column has the heading  Project Directory Visibility which displays an eye icon next to each participant.  If the eye icon is greyed out with a line through it, the user is hidden (shadowed) in the project directory.  Otherwise, if the eye is ‘open’, the user is visible.  
  1. Click the eye icon to toggle if the user is hidden (shadowed) or visible in the project directory.
click the eye icon to show or hide the user

You can hover over the eye icon for a tooltip confirming the directory visibility of the selected user.

  1. To change the visibility of users in bulk, select the users and click Change Project Visibility.
  2. To make the selected users hidden, keep the tickbox ‘Show user in the Project Directory’ unticked. Otherwise, tick the box to make them visible.  Click Save.
show or hide the users in bulk

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