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Switch an organization to read-only or archive access

If you are the project-owning project administrator you can restrict individual organization's access to project data.

Setting an organization to archive access effectively removes them from participation on the project.
Archived organisation’s cannot receive mail or updated documents, are not visible in the project directory and cannot be re-invited to the project (unless you or another project admin reinstates a normal access level for them).

  1. Click Setup.
  2. Under Project select Project Settings.
Setup Menu Project Setting
  1. In the Access level section click the Edit button.
Set Org Access Level
  1. You'll see the list of the organizations working on your project. Select the checkbox next to the organizations you want to modify access for.
  2. At the top of the page, select Set Access Level and choose the appropriate access level.
    Learn more about Read-only and Archive access
Set Org Access Level Menu
  1. Confirm your selection.
Set Org Access Level Conf Message
  1. After confirming the changes you will see an event log, displaying the following:
  • the new access level for each organization (and what it was changed from)
  • the name and organization of the user which made the last change
  • the date and time of the last change.
Set Org Access Level Log

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