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Share important files to all organizations on your project

As the Project Administrators from the project-owning organization, you can display up to six important files to all project users on their Tasks page.

We'll show you how to do this, using the Project Information section on the Tasks page.

  1. Click Attach in Project Information
  2. In Attach document from your register pane:
    • Search for the documents
    • Select up to six documents you want to be displayed in Project Information on the Task page.
    • Click Attach
  3. The files selected will be posted in the Project Information. Click on the red cross located beside the selected document(s) when a document needs to be removed from the list as shown below.

Make sure you keep these documents up-to-date

If you add a file into the Project Information section, it won't automatically update if it is superseded in the document register.

We've designed it this way so that you have control over which version of the document is displayed to all your project's participants. 

To update a file:

  1. remove the existing file(s) from the Project Information section
  2. Add the required version of the file(s).

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