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Creating a document auto-numbering scheme

Design and build your document auto-numbering scheme.

Working on a project that started in 2012 or earlier?

If you are modifying the document auto-numbering scheme for a project that started during 2012 you may need to enable document auto-numbering.

Need more information about document auto-numbering? See the document auto-numbering overview.

First, design your auto-numbering scheme

  1. Decide what document types you will apply an auto-numbering scheme to.
  2. Design your auto-numbering schemes.
  • You can apply the same scheme to all document types, or you can design separate schemes for different document types.
  • When you’re designing your auto-number scheme you must include the Sequence Number field, and at least one other document field.
  • Only include single select list document fields that have been enabled for your project in your design. The only single select field that can't be used is Status.

Next, build your auto-numbering scheme in Aconex

  1. Click Setup.
  2. Under Project, click Project Settings.
  3. Click Documents from the left panel and from here click Document Numbering
document numbering
  1. Click the Create Numbering Scheme button.
  1. Enter a name for your scheme in the Name field.
Setup CreateNumberScheme Name Field
  1. If your scheme uses more than two document fields click the + button. You can also click the - icon if you need to remove a field from the scheme.
Setup Cerate Numbering Schem Add Remove Icon
  1. Choose the required element from the dropdown list. One element must be set to Sequence Number. This is usually the last element in the scheme.
Setup Create Numb Schem Format List
  1. If required, you can select a different character in a Separator list. The default separator character is a hyphen. You can also choose to combine two fields without a separator by choosing None.
  1. Choose the sequence number length in the Length field.
  2. Choose the sequence starting number in the Start at field.
Setup Create Numb Schem Sequence Number
  1. Apply your scheme to at least one document type.
  • Double-click on a document type in the Available document types list.
  • To remove this scheme from a document type, double-click on a document type in the Selected document types list.
  1. Click Save.
Setup Create Numbering Scheme Doc Type

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