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Document auto-numbering overview

Using auto-numbering on your project makes it easier for organizations working on your project to comply with your project's document numbering rules.

You can configure your document auto-numbering scheme so that it meets your project’s requirements.

Auto-numbering is enabled by default on all new projects, but disabled by default for projects that were created in 2012 or earlier. If you are the project administrator of the project-owning organization you can enable document auto-numbering on existing projects.

Any changes you make to a document auto-numbering scheme will apply automatically to every organization participating on your project.

What document fields can I use to build a document auto-number scheme?

You can use any, or all, of the following document fields:

  • Organization Code
  • Project Code
  • Sequence Number
  • Discipline
  • Category
  • VDR Number
  • Select List 1 - 10.

You can create several auto-numbering schemes and choose which document types the schemes apply to. You don’t have to apply an auto-numbering scheme to every document type.

Learn more about document fields here: Configuring document fields for your new project.

How does it work?

When someone uploads a document into your project on Aconex they will select the relevant document type as part of the upload process.

If you have linked that document type to an auto-numbering scheme then a document number is automatically assigned to the document. The Document No field will appear as read-only to the user.

Can I change document numbers once a document auto-number has been assigned?

You can. Use the bulk supersede process to change a document number assigned automatically under an auto-numbering scheme. This change is recorded in the event log.

If you choose to use configurable document auto-numbering on an existing project, any automatically generated document number that has already been assigned to an existing document is skipped.

Can I delete an auto-numbering scheme?

No. But you can remove all document types from the scheme so that it is no longer used.

How do I set up an auto-numbering scheme?

Read through the step-by-step instructions: Create an auto-numbering document scheme.

Basic auto-numbering of documents

Like the idea of auto-numbering, but prefer not to configure a numbering scheme? Basic auto-numbering may be for you. This allows documents to be auto-numbered based on their Type and an incremented sequence number. 

If enabled, when users on your project upload a new document, they'll see a tickbox labeled 'Auto-number' next to the Document Number field.  Users can tick this to allow Aconex to automatically set the Document number for them after they click Upload.

As the project administrator, you can enable this from Setup > Preferences > Project.
Under Project-wide settingsDocuments tick Enable basic auto-numbering of documents.

Aconex uses the Type code followed by a project-wide sequence number, to set the Document number.

Basic auto-numbering is sequential across the project, not within each organization. 

It is important to note that documents auto-numbered by this method may not be sequential within your own register, as the sequence number is incremented across the entire project.

For example, if you uploaded a Report for the first time on the project, it would be assigned the number RPT-000001.  If another user on the project in another organization uploads a Report to their register and selects Auto-number, it will be assigned the number RPT-000002.  If you upload another, it will be assigned RPT-000003. 

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