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Editing a document auto-numbering scheme

Change a document auto-numbering scheme as needed - and doing so won't affect any document numbers already assigned to documents under the scheme.
  1. Click Setup from the Module Menu, and then under Project, click Project Settings.
  2. Click the Document Numbering tab.
Setup Project Setting Doc Numbering Tab
  1. Click the name of the document auto-numbering scheme that your want to edit.
Setup Edit Numbering Scheme Name Link
  1. Change the name for the scheme in the Name field, as required.

  2. Click the Add icon to add more format elements to the scheme if needed.

  3. Click the Remove icon to remove a format element from the scheme if needed.
Setup Scheme Details Add Remove Icons
  1. For each format element in the scheme, choose the appropriate item from the list. One element must be set to Sequence Number. This is usually the last element in the scheme.
Setup Create Numbering Scheme Format List
  1. If required, you can select a different character in any Separator list. The default separator character is a hyphen.
Setup Create Numberiing Scheme Separator List
  1. Change the sequence number length in the Length field, as required.
  2. Change the sequence starting number in the Start at field, as required
Setup Create Numbering Scheme Sequence Number
  1. Change the document types that this scheme applies to, if required:
  • To apply this scheme to a document type, double-click on a document type in the Available document types list.
  • To remove this scheme from a document type, double-click on a document type in the Selected document types list.
  1. Click the Save button.
Setup Create Numberiing Scheme Doc Type

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