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Make the document fields on your project editable inline

Allow other users to edit the document fields on the project.

As a Project Admin, you can edit single- and multiple-select document fields on your project. But if you do this often, you might prefer to give others in your organization the ability to edit the fields themselves.

You can make fields editable inline through the Document Fields area in Project Settings. Then, you’ll need to assign the editing ability to the relevant user roles on your project.

Once you do, those users will be able to edit document fields inline right from the:

  • Single Upload page, which is shown below.
  • Single Supersede page.
  • Copy-To Panel of the Move to Register page.
  • Copy-To Panel of the Bulk Supersede page.

The image below shows fields that are editable inline in the document upload screen.

Inline editing in action
  1. Click the Setup button on the module menu, and under Project, click Project Settings.
  2. Click Documents and the Document Fields tab.
The Document Fields tab
  1. Scroll to the name of the field for which you want to enable inline editing.
  2. Click on the checkbox in the Editable Inline column.
  3. Click Save to save the change.
  4. Give others the ability to edit Document fields inline.
Selecting fields to make them editable

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