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Configure mail types for your project

As the project owner you can decide which mail types are available for users on your project.
  1. Log into Aconex and click on Setup in the Module Menu.

  2. Under Project, click on Project Settings.

Choose Project Settings
  1. Click the Mail/Documents Role Settings tab.

  2. Click on the role to which you want to add a mail type.

Clicking on the role you want to change
  1. The Create/Edit Role window displays. Select the Mail Types tab and click the Show All checkbox in the bottom-left corner.
Selecting the mail types tab
  1. Find the mail type you want to add, and click on it in the list.

  2. Click the right-pointing arrows to add the mail type to the role.

Adding a mail type
  1. Click OK to close the Create/Edit Role window and save your changes.

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