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Configuring permissions for field values on mail forms

Improve the accuracy of mail replies on your projects by specifying the field values users can select.

You can specify which field values different users will have permission to select when sending mail. You can also configure the system to display a specific set of field options for each mail type when using the same field across multiple mail types.

  1. Log into Aconex and click on Setup in the Module Menu.
  2. Under Project, click on Project Settings.
  1. Click the Mail Types tab.
  2. Find the mail type you want to edit and click on Edit Mail Forms.
  1. To see the select list options for a field, click the right-facing arrow. Under Options, you will see the select list values that appear in the field. There’s also a column which shows which role the option is available to.
  1. Click on the pencil icon to specify who will have access to each of the select list options. There are three ways of configuring the value:
  • Available to all – select All Users.
  • Available to no one – choose Selected roles and leave the field blank.
  • Available to selected roles – choose Selected roles, and choose the roles you want the value to be available for.

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