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Create an auto-numbering system for your mail in Aconex

Keep track of all your correspondence and improve ease of reporting.

There are two ways to create auto numbering systems at the Project Level and at the Organizational Level

Project Level:

1. From My Tasks go to Setup

2. In the dropdown menu select Preferences

3. On the Edit Preferences page navigate to Project

4. Scroll down, under the Project-wide settings go to the Mail subheading

5. Go to Use project mail auto-numbering scheme by default for new organizations

6. Be sure to uncheck the box under Use Default Setting

7. In the drop-down menu, choose from one of four numbering systems:

(i) Mail type with Org prefix (e.g MAJ-RFI-00154)

(ii) Send order only (e.g. 00154)

(iii) Mail type (RFI)

(iv) Recipient Org (ARK - 00154)

8. Select Save to set your preference

Organization Level

1. From My Tasks go to Setup

2. In the dropdown menu, under Project select Project Settings

3. In Project Settings navigate to Other

4. Under the Auto-number scheme heading, first change the Auto-number by Mail Type Organization Prefix. Usually this is the first three letters of your organization’s name

5. Now set the Document Auto-number Organization Code. Note, you may simply want to use your Mail Type Organization Prefix here again

You can use the Org prefix on both mail and documents when auto-numbering

6. When complete, select Save

Here’s an example of how Auto-numbering will appear in your Aconex Mail:

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