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Making Response Required mandatory for mail types

As a Project Administrator you can set Response Required as a mandatory field for mail types.

Project managers running time-critical projects often need to ensure that the queries they send are responded to in a timely fashion. You can help them with this by making the Response required field mandatory. When they select one of the options from the drop down list it enforces a due date to be entered.

You can do this for all Mail Types except Transmittals. You can also set up default response times for mail, which automatically show how soon a response is expected.

Making Response required mandatory

  1. From Setup select Project Settings.
  1. In the Project Settings window, select Mail Types, then Edit Mail Forms for the appropriate Mail Type. This opens Mail Forms - Action Item.
  1. Under Mail Fields/Field, select Response Required.
  2. Select Save to finish the process.

An example of what the user will see

Now when a new mail is created and the relevant Mail Type is selected, the Response required fields are marked with an asterisk to show they are mandatory: the mail cannot be sent without the fields being completed. In this example the Type of mail being sent is Action Item.

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