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Checking Document fields are correct

Now, check that the document fields for your new project have been created correctly.
  1. From the navigation menu, click Setup, and select Project Settings
  2. Click Documents and select Document Fields.
  3. Check that all Document Fields are correct, as per your Project Configuration document.

Check for the following:

  • Are the document fields labeled correctly?
  • Are the correct document fields marked as mandatory?
  • Have the correct document field types been used? (for example select lists, or text fields)
  • Are the fields you have selected searchable?
The Project Settings screen, with the Document Fields tab selected

If the Lock fields labels button is greyed out you cannot make changes to this screen. Contact our Service Desk, who will be able to make the changes for you.

Some document fields must always be included on an Aconex project

Some document fields must be included on every project. These fields either: 

  • can't be edited
  • allow you to make only minor changes.

While these fields must be included in your project, you can configure most so they are not mandatory for project participants to complete.

Must be included on your projectField typeCan you make changes be made to this field?
Document NoDocument NumberNo
TitleTextYou can choose whether this field is mandatory
TypeSelect List (Single)You can edit the list values
StatusSelect List (Single)You can choose whether this field is mandatory
FileFileYou can choose whether this field is mandatory
Print SizeTextYou can choose whether this field is mandatory
Date ModifiedDateNo
Review StatusSelect List (Single)No
Review SourceTextNo
Date UploadedDate rangeYou can choose whether this field is mandatory
Uploaded byNumberYou can choose whether this field is mandatory
mandatory fields

Confidential is one of the mandatory document fields.

Some document fields do not have to be included on your project

Any fields marked in bold, and where the Use Field checkbox is available, do not have to be included on your project.

Modifiable document fields

If you need to add another document field to your project

1. Determine what type of field you need to add.

Field typeDescriptionNotes
Select list (single)A project participant can only select one value from this list.
Select list (multiple)A project participant can select as many values from this list as they need to.
TextThe project participant can type any text into this field.
  1. Scroll down to one of these field types that are not currently being used on your project.
  2. Now follow the instructions here:

If you need to make a document field mandatory

In the mandatory column check the mandatory box next to the required document fields.

Check your changes

You can check how your changes will appear to project participants.

  1. Click the Preview button.

Save your changes

When you have confirmed that all document fields are correct for your project, and made any necessary changes, click Save in the top right hand corner.

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