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Define the current set of Drawings for your project

Configure the most important information or current set of drawings for your project

The Drawings tab in the  Document Register is a subset of your documents in the register, that can be easily viewed in the Aconex Document Register, and Oracle Aconex Mobile. They are the latest versions of PDF drawings that are key and critical to project execution. 

By default, the current set for Drawings is defined by the following criteria: 

Document Type = “Drawing” or “Shop Drawing” or “As Built Drawing” or "Plan"


Status = “For Construction” or “Issued for Construction” or “As-built”

As the project admin, you can configure this criteria by following the steps below.

Configure the Drawings Set

  1. From Aconex navigate to Setup >  Project Settings > Documents >  Drawings
  2. Click Edit (pencil icon)
edit definition
  1. In the Edit window you can:
  • Click into a Document filter (such as Discipline or Status) where you’ll be given a dropdown to select additional filter values.
  • Click Add Document Type to include another document type in the filter
  • Click Add More within a document type to further filter by a document field for that type, such as Discipline or Status.
edit criteria
  1. Click Save. The filter you’ve now set here determines what users will see when clicking on Drawings tab in the Document Register and Drawings within Oracle Aconex Mobile.

View Drawings

Drawings can be viewed from within the web app and in Oracle Aconex Mobile.  

In the web app, you can scroll through thumbnails to help find what you’re looking for, or switch to list view for details. 

Drawings in Aconex

The same set of drawings is also visible from Oracle Aconex Mobile. See Drawings for Mobile for more information.

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