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Review and edit the Attributes list

Define values for your Document Fields such as Disciplines, Areas and other Attributes

Still in the Document Fields tab, in the List Values column:

  1. Click Edit in the Attribute row you wish to add values to.
  2. Check the attributes are correct by referring back to your Project configuration document.
  3. Enter any new values that you need, and click Add.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Click the back arrow.
  6. Repeat this step for all attributes required.
edit values
add values

Tips when adding new values

  • If you are using attributes on your project we recommend that you make them mandatory.
  • Follow existing naming and numbering protocols for the attributes you're adding, including upper and lowercase letters, prefixes, numbers, spaces, and dashes.
  • Avoid using characters other than letters and numbers within your values as much as possible (e.g. #, *, +). 
  • Check the spelling of attributes and ensure there are no spaces at the end of an attribute name before you click Add.
  • There is a 60-character limit for each field.

Validating duplicate values

Receiving a message ‘New values must not contain duplicates’?  

To prevent accidental duplication of values and avoid confusion, Aconex will try to identify if a variation of a newly entered value already exists. It temporarily strips (or ignores) certain special characters and runs a comparison against existing values. If a match is found, the new value will not be allowed.

The validation rules apply as follows:

Ignore UPPERCASEValue1 is a variation of value1
Ignore leading and trailing whitespace  value1   is a variation of value1
Ignore quotesvalue"1 is a variation of value1
Ignore hyphen/dash variationsvalue-1 is a variation of value–1
hypen -, en dash (–), and em dash (—) are all treated as they were the same character.

Aconex will allow value1 and value-1 to be entered as separate values.

The validation is only a temporary background process to compare and detect potential duplicates. If no duplicates are found, then the actual values stored in the system remain as they were entered.

This validation applies to Document Field types Select List (Single) and Select List (Multiple).

While special characters are allowed to be used in attribute values, we recommend carefully considering these rules before using them.

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