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Review and edit the Discipline list

See how to review and edit the Discipline label.

A discipline is an additional tag used for documents to provide additional search criteria.

The Discipline list for your new project is listed in the Project Configuration document, can be used as part of your document auto-numbering scheme.

If you can't see the Discipline label this is probably because it was renamed by Oracle Aconex when we created the new project for your organization. The Discipline field is normally the 6th item in the Document Fields list.

The Documents options in Project Settings, showing the Discipline field.
Changing the Discipline field's label

You cannot change the Discipline field's label yourself, but if you want to change it, you should call the Oracle Aconex Service Desk.

Editing the Discipline list values

  1. Click on Edit in the List Values column. This opens the Edit Values window.
  2. If you’ve not made any other changes to any of the other labels, select Ignore Changes. Otherwise, click Save Changes.
The Edit Values window.
  1. In the Define Discipline values for project window, you can review, edit and remove the values.
  2. If you need to you can add or delete any values.
  3. When you’ve finished, press Save, then the back button to return to the Project Settings screen.
The Define Discipline values for project window.

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