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Setting up Project Roles for a new project

Use Project Roles to manage each organization's ability to create information on your project.

Use project roles to manage an organization’s ability to use different:

  • Document types
  • Mail types
  • Document statuses
  • Review Status Sets (for Workflow Templates)

Already set up project roles for another project?

If you like, you can copy the roles across from an existing project that your company owns, or is a Project Admin for. If you decide to do this, complete this step before you create any other roles, as copying from another project will delete any existing roles in the new project.

  1. Click the Copy From Project button.
Copy to project
  1. Select the project you want to copy the roles from.
  2. Click OK.
confirmation to copy from project

Need to set up new project roles?

  1. Click Create Role.
  2. In the Role Name field type in a descriptive name.
  3. Add the required:
Configure the org user role
If you can't see what you need in the list, select the Show All box.
  1. Click OK.

Create a default role

We recommend setting up default project roles so that every new organization on your project so they can start working, prior to assigning them a specific role on a project.

You can switch the organization to a different role whenever you need to.

  1. Create a role with the minimum mail types and document types for your project. 
  2. Check the Set as Default box.
  3. Click OK.
Set as Default

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