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Using Project Fields

Customise your Mail Forms and Field Issues with Project Fields

Project fields are used to assign custom metadata to particular record types for use in Aconex Mail Forms and Field Issues.

When you create a Project Field, it is stored in the Project Field library. A field in this library will be available for use in both Mail Forms and Field Issues.

Project fields can be configured to allow only certain types of data to be entered, strengthening your data integrity. You can restrict a field to text only, date and time or numerical values, for example.

Create new project fields

  1. Select Setup from the Module Menu, and choose Project Settings.
  2. Click on the Project Fields tab.
  1. Click the +New Field button.
  1. The +New Field dialog will appear.
  2. Complete the parameters for your new field as required.

Label is what will be shown in the mail form or field issue – choose a sensible, descriptive name to make sure you capture the information you need.

Edit Existing Project Fields

  1. Select Setup from the Module Menu, and choose Project Settings.
  2. Go to Project Fields tab - project fields in the library will be listed in this view.

Note that the number of characters you can use in the Text and Text Area fields is different.

  • Text is a single line (non-expandable) field with a maximum of 60 characters. 
  • Text Area is an expandable field with a 4000 character limit.
  1. Click on the label of the Project Field you want to edit
  2. The Edit Field dialog will appear.
  1. You can edit any of the Project Field parameters.

Note: at the top of the Edit Field dialog you'll see a blue bordered section – this will outline what impact a change (or removal) of this project field will have on other parts of your project. In the image above, you can see that this particular project field is used in the "Client Advice" Mail Type and is also used in the Field application – a change will impact both.

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