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What is Aconex?

Wondering what Aconex is and how it can help you? Watch this short video to learn more.

On a construction project organizations share thousands of documents, drawings and other types of information. Aconex stores all of this information safely and securely online and then provides tools to help you manage workflows and collaborate with everyone on your project.

Information is secure and accessible  – wherever there’s internet access. 

Correspondence cannot be deleted – this ensures shared accountability.

Single source of truth – You’ll always know what the current version of a document is, or who’s holding up the process.

Automate correspondence – Means the right people always get the right information and respond with exactly what you need to keep the project moving.

Mail and Documents – The main tools you’ll use in Aconex.

Categorize and tag  – When you upload documents or use Aconex Mail you need to tag these items with useful information, which makes them much easier to find later.

Support Central – On your Aconex journey we will be your guide, covering every facet of Aconex in detail, through a mix of how-to articles and training videos like this one.

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